So, it turns out that Pat's already booked on your date or maybe he is just a little out of your budget.  This is where my associates step in.  We have shot hundreds of weddings together over the years and their working style is very similar; relaxed and creative while getting shit done.  They will be right there with you on your wedding day, but Pat will still handle all of the pre wedding details along with the post processing of your images.  Every blog post is a solid mix of both Pat's and the associate images, but you can learn more about them and check out some more of their work to see how awesome they really are. 




Matt brings a fresh perspective and a fine art sensibility to the Pat Robinson Photography team.  .  Along with being an awesome photographer, Matt also has a Masters in Music and a Bachelors in Music from Indiana University and Temple University, respectively. He is a mad man on the cello, loves his coffee and is head over heels in love with his wife Liz. 

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Kyle has been a been a major part of Pat Robinson Photography for over 4 years.  His shooting style and beard are both very similar to Pat's.  His goal is to create art that provokes thought and emotion from the viewer.  Along with taking beautiful portraits, he believes that it’s the little moments that make a wedding day so special.  It’s a killer combo for delivering an amazing set of images for every couple.  He loves to travel, drink good bourbon and never turns down a taco.  

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Stuart is the newest addition to the Pat Robinson Photography team. He has been with us as a second shooter for the past 3 years and it’s damn time he starts taking the lead. Besides shooting weddings his passion is street photography. Bringing this skill to a wedding day provides a style that makes him stand above the rest.

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